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CryptoLocker Malware

Virus Encrypted File Fix

CryptoLocker Malware – Virus Encrypted File Fix

Being held hostage over “Encrypted” files?

We are excited to announce that we have successfully restored files on our clients computer that were affected and encrypted by a “Crypto” type Malware referred to as “CryptoLocker”.

Typically you receive an email with an attachment and the email sounds important. It is relative to something you are expecting so you open the attachment. Once you open it, it launches a program that encrypts all of your Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG and other files.

After you notice all your files have a new extension such as .crypted or another similar extension.

You see messages popping up from the hackers saying they will fix the files for a ransom fee to be paid by “Bitcoins” which is an international currency. In many cases from what we have seen the amount was equivalent to $4,000 US or more. In addition, you would not want to trust these people with your credit card.

We discovered a process  that completely restores and decrypts all of the files.

Contact us today so we can test a couple of your encrypted files.

If we can fix your files , we will give you a quote to restore all of them.

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