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Why PAY for Expensive AD WORDS every day where you pay anywhere from $2-$10 per click and your competitors are clicking your ads to rack up the costs and you spend $500 or more per month for nothing?

We will do the following:

  • Reword the source code on your website to make it Google friendly for your “Key Words”
  • Create an agressive “Key Word” strategy in the wording of your website
  • Improve the search benefits of all your images
  • Insert “Google Codes” for verification
  • Create and/or improve your “Google Map” listing
  • Test your “Key Words” and rework everything until you are on page #1

Our price is for 12 months service and keeps us on the job, keeping you on Page #1.

You only pay 50% when we start and don’t pay the balance until you are on Page #1 so we are highly motivated to get you there quickly!

Don’t believe us? Go to Google and type in “Search Engine Tricks” and see what page this website is on. We own and are on page #1 competing against all the other people who said they could get you there and THEY AREN’T there!

Let us fix your situation on the internet and stop dealing with people who make money on you and don’t produce results!

Call Bill Fligg today on toll free number: 877 734-8204 for a no pressure discussion about how your website could be on page#1 of Google and how little we would charge compared to AdWords.
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